Product care


Right choice
Please choose your swimwear carefully. Pay attention to its size, shape, and material while trying the product. Please check your measurements with our size table.

Using and care
The handwash in cold water is the best care solution for your swimwear. Hang swimwear after washing to dry naturally. Don’t wring them. If you have swimwear with cups, always respect their natural shape, don’t fold or scrunch them. Please remember that exposure to seawater, sun, and chlorine affects the lifetime of swimwear fabric and its colors. The brightest colors are the most sensitive to these conditions. Sun creams and oils can damage elastic parts of swimwear please don’t put them in contact. Never leave your wet swimwear in a synthetic bag.
All used components and materials accomplish standards for its production and usage.

This product allows 24 months of the warranty period from the date of its purchase.
The warranty period is not valid in case of:
Wrong product choice or product changes obviously caused by wrong care, mechanical damage or by overusing of the product. A lifetime of product decrease in the proportion of its use. In case of an obvious defect of the product, there is 30 days period from purchase to apply the complaint.



Plove ELSA (elastic sandals) are thoroughly designed and hand made in small workshops in Prague, Czech Republic. Thanks to the quality Italian materials the sandals are flexible and lightweight.

Right choice
Make sure that the selected type, size, and width match your needs. When shopping, try the pair on well and take a walk around the shop. Try your new shoes again at home, to make sure, you are happy with the fit.

Elsa sandals Lycra top exude simplicity and elegance. The seamless and flexible material conforms to your feet while remaining sturdy and supportive, making them great for full-fledged everyday use.

Both parts of the shoe (upper and sole) can be soaked and washed in lukewarm water with soap or another non-aggressive detergent. In any case, we do not recommend washing the sandals in the washing machine or extreme mechanical stress such as scrubbing the top textile with a brush, etc.

Material composition
The upper - 78% polyamide 22% elastane. The sole is a mixture of EVA and cork.
It is a glued footwear construction.

Goods are warranted against manufacturing defects in the period of 24 months from the date of sale. The warranty does not cover improper footwear selection and product defects resulting from improper care, mechanical damage or wear. Warranties should not be confused with product life, which decreases proportionally with daily wear. In the case of a demonstrable defect of the product, we will resolve the claim within 30 days. Shoes must not have been worn, altered, or washed. Footwear must include the original packaging.